All the tools you need

for high-performing and engaged teams

VetPowerment™ is an automated, all-in-one engagement and motivation system built for veterinary teams.

Clinics that use VetPowerment retain staff because employees feel more connected to their coworkers and perform better overall.

Listen and Learn

VetPowerment provides you with a constant feed of insights on what drives and motivates your team. Employee engagement isn’t a one-time wellness exam. Retaining your staff requests continuous monitoring.
  • Weekly surveys provide the answers and comments to help diagnose and prevent burnout with your team.
  • Track your team’s mood in real time to encourage positive trends and reverse downward swings.
  • Create custom questions for issues that are unique to your clinic.

Create a Feedback Loop

VetPowerment asks employees about how they work with their coworkers so everyone receives valuable insights on how they can improve.

  • Encourage an environment of continuous improvement.  

  • Provide actionable feedback on ways employees can grow personally and professionally.

  • Supports an employee-centered workplace. 

Foster Team Bonds

Use the VetPowerment Community section to keep staff informed and give them a space to interact and share ideas. 

  • Peer-to-Peer recognition creates a culture of appreciation and gratitude. 

  • Celebrate work anniversaries and birthdays. 

  • Create a digital suggestion box for ideas on how to improve the workplace. 


Weekly Surveys

Uncover real-time data about your organization’s most valuable asset—its people.

Custom Questions

Pose custom questions tailored to your organization’s unique priorities.

Prize Store

Incentivize and acknowledge your team with a variety of prizes and benefits.

Individual Scores

Empower your team members with insightful data for both personal and professional development.

Interactive Ideas

Gather suggestions and involve your employees in the problem-solving process.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Promote a culture of appreciation by encouraging staff to recognize and reward each other.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Automatically send out heartfelt congratulations for birthdays and work anniversaries.


Broadcast attention-grabbing banners, news stories, and articles to keep everyone in the loop.

Gamified System

Infuse excitement into employee engagement as everyone earns Badges and Points.