See How Vetpowerment Boosts Engagement and Retention

A veterinary practice’s greatest asset is its people. Empower them to make your organization more successful.

Gathering data

Taking your team’s pulse

The heartbeat of a business is its team. VetPowerment gives them a platform to share feedback. Reports are aggregated, and no one can be identified.

Once a week

Team members can complete a quick (under 5 minutes) anonymous survey online

Optional daily pulses

Employees can provide feedback or “mood status” updates any time  


Results are aggregated to provide clinic leadership anonymous, actionable insights

All feedback is reflected in the overall Employees Perceived Image of the Company/Coworker (EPIC) score.


Weekly Surveys

Uncover real-time data about your organization’s most valuable asset—its people.

Custom Questions

Pose custom questions tailored to your organization’s unique priorities.

Prize Store

Incentivize and acknowledge your team with a variety of prizes and benefits.

Individual Scores

Empower your team members with insightful data for both personal and professional development.

Interactive Ideas

Gather suggestions and involve your employees in the problem-solving process.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Promote a culture of appreciation by encouraging staff to recognize and reward each other.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Automatically send out heartfelt congratulations for birthdays and work anniversaries.


Broadcast attention-grabbing banners, news stories, and articles to keep everyone in the loop.

Gamified System

Infuse excitement into employee engagement as everyone earns Badges and Points.

Developing a plan

Treating burnout and improving engagement

As continuous diagnostic tests run, clinic management can develop a treatment plan. Management selects development training to improve on specific areas.

VetPowerment includes a library of practical advice to improve the workplace culture, including:

  • Short, practical videos
  • Training documents developed by experts
  • Podcasts featuring veterinary business specialists

The library includes practical training and actionable tips for common scenarios, such as:

  • Having a difficult conversation
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Addressing work-life balance challenges

The resource library contains dozens of short, but insightful, videos like this one on how to improve your practice. 

Demonstrating results

Vetpowerment Certified Practice

Once a practice meets benchmarks, you will earn the designation of “Certified Empowered Practice” each year.

Display your certification to encourage current employees and demonstrate proof of an empowered work culture to future employees.

That’s more than just a certificate. It shows a lasting, positive impact on your whole team.

Keep the passion for veterinary careers

VetPowerment helps make your clinic a place where top talent will want to stay — for years to come!