Build a passionate and engaged veterinary team

with VetPowerment™ by Vetoquinol

Transform your veterinary clinic into an organization where employees are connected, motivated, and committed.

VetPowerment is a employee retention and engagement software tailored to the specific needs of the veterinary industry. Each treatment plan is customized to the patient — and that patient is your practice.

Engage your team.

Identify opportunities for improvement.

Develop a treatment plan.

Keep people passionate about animal health careers.

Say goodbye to high turnover rates and hello to a thriving team that provides exceptional care to animals.

Discover problems in your practice.

VetPowerment turns qualitative data into actionable insights to help:

  • Retain top talent
  • Ensure team members are appreciated
  • Help your practice thrive in a competitive environment

Provide and receive feedback from all team members.

Timely feedback and recognition are crucial for employee morale. VetPowerment facilitates ongoing communication ensuring that achievements are acknowledged promptly. VetPowerment fosters a positive work environment to help stop the cycle of burnout.  

Foster a thriving and connected team.

Build a culture that values appreciation and gratitude. VetPowerment helps you create an environment where your team feels supported, connected, and motivated to excel. Retain staff, improve performance, and transform your veterinary team into a thriving community passionate about animal health careers.