Clinic Roster written instructions

How to fill out the matrix

The matrix is very important as that is how the VetPowerment system finds working groups of people within your organization. When VetPowerment knows your department and role, it will pair you with colleagues with similar locations, departments, and roles as that’s likely who you are working with most closely in the day-to-day.

Don’t worry, groupings can always be changed once the system is set up, so what you fill out today is certainly not ‘set in stone’. Do you have employees that work in multiple locations, departments, or roles? No problem, please chose the location, department, or role that best suits that individual for the matrix. Once your VetPowerment site is up and running, you are able to then select and configure that team member to be associated with multiple groups simultaneously.

Click here to download the matrix.

Important Notes

Each location, department, or role must have at least four individuals in them.


  • Minimum of 4 people in each location (if your organization has multiple locations)
  • Minimum of 4 people in each department

Smaller practice example

  • Front of house:
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Receptionists
    • Practice Manager
  • Back of house:
    • Veterinarians
    • Technicians

Large practice example

You can become much more segmented if you have at least 4 people in any one of these departments

  • Pharmacy
  • Management
  • Surgery
  • Grooming
  • Boarding
  • Or any of your specialty offerings

About Roles

Minimum of 4 people in each role

Role does not mean ‘job title’ but rather the function you are doing for that clinic.

“Lead Technician” may need to simple be “Technician”

It is important not to cherry pick employees or departments. VetPowerment works best when the entire organization is participating. Why? You want a pulse on the entire organization, not just areas that might be giving you trouble. Also, word will spread and some may feel ‘singled out’.